Twin Cities Marathon training weeks 8-9


That’s how I felt this weekend. Because I ran 13.22 miles and balls almighty it was so damn humid. I have no idea how I trained last summer without a hydration belt because I couldn’t get over how badly I wanted to kiss it for getting me through this run. Last week’s long run was 12 miles and it was AWESOME. I got home and felt like I could’ve gone 10 more. This weekend, I couldn’t stop checking my watch (seriously you guys… like every tenth of a mile for 13+ miles), my legs felt like bricks and my stomach was its typical jerky self. I was ready to head home after mile 4 and just throw in the towel, but I somehow managed to push past it and finish.

On the bright side, it was really only the first truly AWFUL run of my training. And then I got to go have brunch with my besty and picked up some delicious looking gluten free treats for after-dinner dessert. AND this coming week is a step back week, so next week’s long run is 10 miles before my mileage goes up before my had on 8/2.

Last week offered the additional challenge of a long weekend of camping up north, so I had to revamp my schedule because I wasn’t going to trust myself to 1) follow through with running while out of town or 2) run on unfamiliar trails without getting lost. That meant a long run on Thursday morning before leaving. After 12 miles, I really wasn’t sure how my legs would handle a 3 mile hike with 25% of a our camping gear on my back, but I actually did pretty well. We did a ton of hiking–much of it with 20+ lbs of added weight–over the weekend, so I felt pretty good about my cross training.

My runs the past two weeks were as follows:

  • Last week – 4.30, 7.32, 12.34, 5.00
  • This week – 4.85, 7.24, 5.28, 13.22

Here’s how we’re looking for weeks 1-9. The race is 13 weeks from today… EEEEEEK!

Miles run

Week 1 – 11.69
Week 2 – 14.38
Week 3 – 21.15
Week 4 – 19.37
Week 5 – 20.88
Week 6 – 24.58
Week 7 – 25.25
Week 8 – 28.96
Week 9 – 30.59

Fitbit steps

Week 3 – 117,991
Week 4 – 140,158
Week 5 – 156,134
Week 6 – 164,683
Week 7 – 172,018
Week 8 – 180,588
Week 9 – 175,351

Total miles run: 196.85
Total Fitbit steps: 1,106,923

Twin Cities Marathon training weeks 6-7

HOLY CRAP MY LEGS AND FEET ARE TIRED. I mean… TIRED. Yesterday, I got a 2 hour massage, and while it was heavenly, I left still feeling like there were bricks tied to my feet.

In the past two weeks, my mileage hasn’t gone up too drastically, but the weeks that are ahead of me are beyond intimidating. Luckily, I’ve been injury free (PLEASE KNOCK ON ALL OF THE WOOD FOR ME) thus far. And my normal occasional training run skipping hasn’t been a factor at all. My training plan has all of the stars. For my last half, I skipped at least one run PER WEEK in my 24 week training window. I’m seven weeks in and not only have I not skipped a single run, it hasn’t even occurred to me that it’s an option. I’ve groaned and complained about a few of them, but I’ve stuck to it more than I’ve maybe stuck to anything in my life, so I’m pretty pleased with myself there.

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on my blog/Facebook post about cat calls. I can happily report that there has not been another incident like the one that I described in that post. The whistles and the creepy looks continue, but nothing as aggressive or intimidating as that day, so maybe I have some good karma going on.

My four runs during week 6 were Tuesday – 4.29, Wednesday – 6.28, Friday – 4.23 and Sunday – 9.78. The Tuesday and Friday runs were the toughest because of OHMYGODHEAT and pace. Sunday’s run was rough for the first 4 miles, but when I got back home at the end, I wanted to do another 9, so I figure that’s a good sign.

My four runs during week 7 were Tuesday – 4.30, Wednesday – 6.28, Friday – 4.42 and Sunday – 10.25. After that Sunday AM run, I decided that I had more than earned a little pampering. Let me tell you guys, Spot Spa on 4th St. in NE is THE BEST. 2 hour massage for just over $100? And it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. If I could go there after every Sunday long run, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Go see Katie. She’s fantastic.

Here’s how we’re looking for weeks 1-7:

Miles run

Week 1 – 11.69
Week 2 – 14.38
Week 3 – 21.15
Week 4 – 19.37
Week 5 – 20.88
Week 6 – 24.58
Week 7 – 25.25

Miles walked

Week 1 – 4.11
Week 2 – 3.65
Week 3 – 20.76
Week 4 – 31.97
Week 5 – 38.82
Week 6 – 34.45
Week 7 – 37.68

Fitbit steps

Week 3 – 117,991
Week 4 – 140,158
Week 5 – 156,134
Week 6 – 164,683
Week 7 – 172,018

Total miles run: 137.30
Total miles walked: 171.44
Total Fitbit steps: 750,984

yes all women: when cat calls go too far

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that cat calls are an every day problem on my runs. Then, Erica posted about a cat call that went way too far.

For the past two weeks, I’ve debated posting this. It’s about a walk on a beautiful Wednesday morning that turned quickly into a situation in which I felt terrified, intimidated, harassed and threatened. It coincidentally happened the same week that the Yes All Women hashtag gained notoriety and quickly reminded me why such a movement is so necessary and relevant, even in 2014.

That morning started out pretty normally with a three-mile run, which I planned to follow up with a 2.5 mile walk to work. I am not kidding when I say that I feel sexually harassed on EVERY. SINGLE. RUN. that I do. Even if it’s just a whistle, a honk or a creepy look. It’s unwelcome and I shouldn’t have to deal with it. When I got home from my run that morning, I tweeted this and completely jinxed myself:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.12.50 PM (2)

After getting ready for work (putting on my walking clothes & loading up my backpack with my laptop and a more work-appropriate outfit), I set out for my walk. I walk along University Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis, which is very high-traffic and somewhere that I have never felt even the slightest bit unsafe. Those who know me well should know that speaks volumes, since I’m typically worried about being a victim of violence all the time (more on that here). I’ve always said that if a stranger approaches me on the street, I’m more likely to assume that they’re going to shoot me in the face than ask me for the time (anxiety FTW!).

That Wednesday morning, I set off on my walk. I’d gone 10 of my 28 blocks when I was waiting to cross Broadway Ave (a fairly busy intersection) and the incident began. While standing on the corner waiting for the light to change, a car started honking at me repeatedly. He then took a left and pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot behind me. The honking continued the entire time. He started screaming at me “HEY! HEY! HEY! GET OVER HERE!” in a very aggressive manner.

I ignored him and kept walking. He drove out of the McDonald’s parking lot the other direction, so I assumed he had given up and intended to leave me alone.

I was wrong.

I continued walking. When I got to the next intersection, on University and 10th Avenue, he was sitting in his car blocking the crosswalk. He started yelling at me to get in his car. Instead of crossing 10th, I crossed University first and continued to ignore him, but pulled out my phone to call my boyfriend and then my best friend. I was shaking.

He took a right off of that street, seemingly driving away from me again. He honked a few more times and yelled vulgar things out of his window. When I got to 8th Avenue to cross, he was again blocking my path. He revved his engine a few times and told me to “get in the fucking car.” I (probably too timidly) told him to fuck off and again crossed University. At that point, I was on my phone and still shaking. This interaction took place one more time on 7th Avenue and then he finally left me alone.

I have so many questions. Are there guys out there who have actually had success with this approach? I can’t imagine that there are. What are you hoping to accomplish, anyway? Did you set out to terrify women on their way to work or was that just an added bonus? How would you feel if someone did this to your mother or sister? Can I punch you in the nuts sometime?

My morning walks used to be a time where I reflected on my night/day, daydreamed, enjoyed the outdoors, etc. After that interaction, my entire day was ruined. I had nightmares about him that night. I have since rerouted my morning walk to avoid University Ave because I’m worried I’ll see him. My phone is ALWAYS in my hand and unlocked. I am a little bit apprehensive every morning/evening when I set out. I am wary of every car/pedestrian/cyclist that passes me.

If you are this guy (in his early 20s who drives a 10-ish year old maroon Dodge Durango) and you think this it was acceptable to behave this way to me: fuck you, dude. Next time, I’ll go right through that first crosswalk and pepper spray your stupid sexual harasser face.


Twin Cities Marathon training: cat calls, bloody toes and croissant dreams

You guys? I’m the worst. Remember how I was going to post about my marathon training every week? Here we sit over a month later and I’ve gone silent again.

Do you want to know why?

I got a Fitbit. And I have a competitive streak. Sometimes I leave my house with the intention of walking a mile or two and stroll back up hours later with 10 under my belt. Because I have to walk all of the steps. And I don’t want to be inside where it’s difficult to walk all of the steps.

It’s a tough life that I lead, clearly.

Because I’m *the worst,* this post is going to be a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g one in which I bore you with the deets of the last 35 days in the life of my legs. And also my Fitbit because it is the most addicting thing I’ve ever owned.

Weeks 1-4 were “pre-training” (my longest run was 6 miles and the first week of my real training plan called for a 7 miler).

And also? This happened.

photo 1


You’re welcome.

I also took some pretty pictures on my runs, if you’d like to get that image out of your mind.

photo 2 photo 3

That’s my daily running route. It’s decent.

Here are some things about marathon training that I think you all should know:

  • Having celiac disease and training for a marathon is lame. ALL I WANNA DO IS EAT ALL OF THE CROISSANTS.
  • I am tired all. the. time. Kudos to my boyfriend for letting me use his shoulder as a pillow many nights before 8:30PM and not even getting mad when I inevitably drool on his shirt or make him reiterate everything that happened on Fargo, since I always fall asleep 20 minutes into it.
  • The age of cat calls and yelling vulgar things out your window has not ended, men of Minneapolis. If any of my lovely readers thought this was frowned upon (it is) and that they would be the only people doing it (they wouldn’t), I’ve got news for you… it is perfectly common to share your thoughts on the female anatomy out your window at 6AM on a cool spring morning. *Swoon* (By swoon I mean SERIOUSLY? Do you really think this is going to work for you?) Also, yesterday a guy squawked in my face repeatedly. Obvious next step – we’re running away together.

Here’s how we shaped up in weeks 1-5:

Miles run

  • Week 1 – 11.69
  • Week 2 – 14.38
  • Week 3 – 21.15
  • Week 4 – 19.37
  • Week 5 – 20.88

Miles walked

  • Week 1 – 4.11
  • Week 2 – 3.65
  • Week 3 – 20.76
  • Week 4 – 31.97
  • Week 5 – 38.82

Fitbit steps

  • Week 3 – 117,991
  • Week 4 – 140,158
  • Week 5 – 156,134

Total miles run: 87.47
Total miles walked: 99.31
Total Fitbit steps: 414,283

And then I made this. Obviously. My sister says I’m the Rachel Berry of marathon training. GOLD STAR!


Twin Cities Marathon training – week 1

It’s been a while since I’ve given this blog the attention it deserves. A lot of wonderful life things have happened and my interwebs time has taken a bit of a backseat.

That changes now. It’s training season again. While I’ve more than slacked off as far as blogging is concerned, it doesn’t hold a candle to what I’ve done in the world of running, yoga and swimming. It was MONTHS after the Las Vegas Half before I ran again. And I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve done yoga since then. And I can count on zero fingers the number of times I’ve gone swimming.

While my training plan for TCM doesn’t *technically* start until 6/2, I know that there’s work to be done before I’m ready for 7 and 8 milers (which are on my training plan beginning the very first Saturday).

I limited myself to three runs and two walks this week just to get my legs ready for what lies ahead. The great news is that I was on pace with my half marathon time from November, even though I’ve run less than a dozen times since then. I had a long ago-planned camping trip over the weekend, so I decided to give my running legs the weekend off and focus more on my hiking legs.

This is how Twin Cities Marathon training – week 1 ended up:

Monday: 3.50 mile run

Tuesday: 4.40 mile run

Wednesday: 1.91 mile walk

Thursday: 3.79 mile run

Friday: rest day

Saturday: 2.20 mile hike

Sunday: rest day

Cumulative totals:

Running – 11.69 miles

Hiking: 2.20 miles

Walking: 1.91 miles